Founded in 1990, Community Support Programs is a nonprofit agency that works to enable individuals and families that need support. Our mission is to give these people what they need to successfully function as independently as possible.

Although our organization began by helping homeless men and women diagnosed with mental illness, we’ve expanded our scope to also help families and children in need. Our innovative programs are specifically designed to help with housing, as well as, provide support for those battling mental health issues and addiction. We strive to maintain the dignity of each person served and to respect them as an individual.

Unity is what makes a community thrive. Learn more about our programs and how you can help.

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In 1996, we broadened our scope to include families because we saw a need in the community. Today, our family programs give our clients the resources they need to function as independently as possible.


Community Support Programs provides safe and affordable housing for clients that need it. We have various housing programs tailored to meet the needs of the community.


Our programs work with individuals to give them the resources and encouragement to fight substance abuse and overcome mental health challenges.

Our hardworking team strives to provide outstanding support for the clients in our programs.

• Veronica S. Glover, LMSW, Chief Executive Officer
• Jamie Jones, Chief Financial Officer
• Colette Sikes, Director of Operations 
• Ryan Dickinson, LMSW, Division Director of Family Services
• Korina Pifer, Division Director of Community Services
• Rebecca Minyard, Division Director of Client Services
• Alexis Youngblood, Division Director of Supportive Services
• Ruthie Ray, Office Manager



Community Support Programs has a voluntary Board of Directors. In addition to business leaders from Northwest Louisiana, representatives of clients and communities serve our organization as board members. Their diverse backgrounds allow Community Support Programs to provide innovative and personalized client-directed services.

• Robert Shemwell, President
Dr. Lisa Walter, Secretary
• Candace Higginbotham, Treasurer
• Burnadine Anderson
• LaTunia Brown
• Remedro Dunnigan
• Tracey Graham
• Carol Moore-Smith
• Tyler Simpson